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My Name is Brendon May I am the Owner of Name Rings Inc I started my buisness from buy sell trade and still use it to this day Now I can say that it has been very successful for me so far. I have stores in malls in many states that carry my products.This is how i pay my bills and feed my family it doesnt make me rich but you can believe i take this business seriously like my pops told me when i was younger. If i don't make happy customers i dont eat.

I started Name Rings Inc in 2014 and ever since the name rings website and buy sell and trade blew up every year i get a little bit more buisness than the previous year. I Love Name Rings these rings are My Wife and I's wedding rings and for some people thats what they use and it truly has more meaning behind it 

I Appreciate every single one of my visitors even if your just looking because i know someday you will refer another customer to me one day as word of mouth is our biggest form of advertisement. Thank You for stopping by and if you have any problems ordering or need help even though I have a staff of 10 I'm going to give you my direct phone number 

Brendon May


Thank You and support our businesss We offer 100% Satisfaction !


Name Rings are Stainless Steel Rings that are Personalized with One's Name and/or a Message
of your Choice, this can be a Friend,Family Member or spouse's Name.They also can be sports teams,Promise Rings,Anniversariesup coming Birthday's,Kids Name's & More. We are located at 918 S. Sedgwick, Wichita Ks 67213, We can be reached by Phone, Email, or through our Website Contact form. please alow up to 2-4 hours for a response.

These Stainless Steel Name Rings Have been sold all over the United States and is become "Quite" the New Trend around the world If you have found this website chances are you seen them on BUY SELL TRADE Local Arts and Crafts Show, Trade Shows, State Fair or Even at a Local Mall or Airport.

The neat thing about Having a Name Ring is they "come with meaning" Your very own Personalized name ring will
remind you of that special someone or that special something, a anniversary date,or a special thing that you love
 and cherish such as sports teams for Example:New York Jets or How Bout your favorite car or club "Mustang Club".

If You've missed a tradeshow or your local fair and did not take or have the opprutunity to own one of
these special keepsake rings don't worry... NameRings.Org is the Official Website of the Stainless Steel
Name Ring and We have a variety of styles you can choose from made with the highest quality but we also make it very affordable
for our customers online seeing how we have little overhead so we can return the savings to you all of our Name rings
range from $25.00 to 69.95 wheras if you were to go to a local event you would be charged anywhere from $69.95 to $150
 for some of the same rings we have in our but at the same time having better quality inventory. So what are you waiting
for Get Your Name Ring Made for you today and take advantage of our free shipping!

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